Saturday, January 28


  1. To get the ownership on Raj Guthi and manage it.
  1. To conduct the Festival, Puja according to Danpatra, Likhat (Registered document) etc..
  1. Take over the ownership on Chhut Guthi and Niji (Private) Guthi and manage its property.
  1. To preserve & safe guard the idols and ornaments of god & goddess of the different Guthi temples.
  1. To utilize the income of Raj Guthi as a religious, educational, social, cultural & benevolent activities in the society.
  1. To manage the donation of the temple
  1. To manage the Guthiyaar, paid worker or might be stakeholders of Guthi by appointment, and fixing their remunerations, monitoring their duty and retirement.
  1. To manage and secure donation
  1. To manage Tainathi land (sole Guthi Property land) by renting leasing and selling property by auction.
  1. Lease out as per BOOT Policy and Rent out the Guthi rental houses as per tender.
  1. To prepare the Guthi property details.
  1. Properly utilize the Guthi income and property.
  1. Other functions to be done by prevailing laws.